Opening a watch back is pretty easy, you just need to identify what kind of watch case back you have and then get the right tools to open it. In this article, we will be addressing how to open a watch case back that is a screw down style. You can tell that a watch case back is a screw down case by looking at the back: if it has notches regularly placed on the case back, that is an indication it is a screw down watch.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

Before you start, you may need to remove the watch band so that your tools can fit on the watch back. Read this article on How to Remove your Watch Band for help.


closerball_photo3Step 2

Now, you can either place your watch in a watch case holder, or you can simply hold the watch in your hand. When using a friction ball, it is often easiest to hold the watch case in your hand.





Step 3

With the watch in hand, take the friction ball in your other hand and press it into the back of the watch case. Gripping both the ball and the watch case firmly, begin to turn the ball counterclockwise to open the back.




Once the case back has been significantly loosened, you can remove the friction ball and lift the back off with your fingers. Now you are ready to change the battery or complete other repairs. When you are done, you can find out How to Close a Screw Down Watch Back with a Case Opener Ball here.