Whether your watch crown is worn out or you just want to replace it to change the look of your watch, you can easily remove it yourself with help from this guide.


Tools Needed:

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do before you can remove the watch crown is open the watch case back. To learn more about this view our article on how to open your watch case.


Step 2

Once you have opened your watch case back, your next step is to remove your watch stem. Examine the watch movement where the stem connects. You will see either a small screw holding the stem in place or a small indent/dimple in the metal surrounding the stem.

If your stem is held in place with a small screw, you will want to use this article on How to Remove a Stem – Screw Type Stem Removal to remove it.

If your stem looks like it just connects to the movement look for a small indent to release the stem, you will want to use this article on How to Remove a Watch Stem – Push Style Stem Removal to remove it.



Step 3

After you have removed the stem from the movement and watch case, leaving everything else in place, you are just about ready to remove the crown. Take your pin vise and open the jaws wide so you can slide the stem into the opening. Position the stem in the pin vise with the crown end facing up and out of the vise. Carefully slide the closing ring up the pin vise to close the jaws around the stem and grip it securely.

Make sure that the stem is positioned with roughly half of the threaded portion inside the vise and half outside. Check to make sure that the pin vise is completely closed and locked around the stem.


Step 4

When you are sure that the stem has been secured, you are ready to remove the crown from the stem. Grip the pin vise securely in one hand and the crown at the end of the stem in your other. Then in one quick motion, turn the pin vise one direction and the watch crown in the opposite direction to break the seal between the stem and the watch crown.

After you have broken the seal, hold the pin vise steady and simply unscrew the watch crown from the stem by turning it counter-clockwise until it comes free. Set the watch crown aside in your parts tray.




Now that the watch crown is free you can measure it or replace it as necessary. For these or other handy watch repair tips and tricks, check out our Learning Center today!