The crystal on your favorite watch has become so scratched you can hardly read the time, what now? Don’t throw away your watch! You can easily learn how to remove a watch crystal with a crystal lift using this guide. You won’t have to worry about removing all the working parts of the movement and damaging your watch more, just to take out the crystal. Remove the crystal in a few easy steps with a crystal lift.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

Start by laying the watch case out flat on your work space with the crystal facing up.


Step 2

Next, take your crystal lift and open the jaws so that they are wider than your watch crystal. Then, holding the crystal lift over your watch crystal, lower it until the tips of the jaws are hovering at the edge of the crystal where it meets the metal of the watch case. Carefully tighten the jaws of the crystal lift so that it grips the edges of the watch crystal snugly.



remove_crystal_with_lift_step2Step 3

Grip the crystal lift and pull up to remove the crystal. You may want to hold the watch band in one hand here so that the watch case offers a little resistance to the lift, allowing you to easily remove the crystal.





Step 4

If the watch crystal does not easily pop out of the case, reposition the jaws of the crystal lift and tighten them a little more this time before trying to lift it out again.



Once you’ve removed the watch crystal, you can learn How to Reinsert a Watch Crystal using a Crystal Lift here.