It’s fairly common for women, once they’ve gotten married to want to have their wedding and engagement bands soldered together to create one complete ring. In this article, we’ll explain just how easy it is to solder two rings together.


Step 1

Before you can solder the band and engagement rings together, you must make sure that both rings match each other evenly. Once the match has been established, use an inside ring tweezers to hold both rings together from the inside while you work on soldering them together.


Step 2

Fire coat the rings and attach the ring tweezers to your bench so that the setting is pointing downward and you are free to use both hands. Flux the area where you want the solder to flow (the point where the two shanks touch at the center of the back of the shank). Add a bit of easy solder to the seam created where the two rings touch at the back of the shank.


Step 3

Heat the rings gradually, and then focus the heat of the flame on the inside of the two shanks. This will draw the solder down through the seam and effectively create a bond between the two rings. If necessary, add more solder to the seam.


Step 4

Check your work and make sure that the solder has flowed evenly through the seam. Allow the rings to cool naturally and then pickle, rinse, and dry the ring.


Step 5

To finish the ring, use your saw to redefine the seam between the two shanks and then use your barrette needle file and your triangle file to recreate the contour of each shank. Then polish and clean to return the ring to its original luster.

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