In this guide you will learn how to cut down or trim plastic crystals. Many times when you have a watch crystal to fix or replace you may need to reduce the size of the crystal slightly to fit the watch. Modifying plastic watch crystals can take very little effort and can save you both time and money by allowing you to use a crystal that you own rather than purchasing a new crystal. After you have trimmed your plastic crystal you will want to read on how to polish plastic crystals to get a high shine on the finished job.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

Determine how much you need to change the crystal, particularly noting which sides you need to trim. Once you know which sections need to be trimmed and adjusted, hold the crystal firmly in your non-dominant hand.


Step 2

filing_plastic_crystalTake your sanding stick and start to file back and forth along the first edge that you need to trim. Use the flat side of the file and keep it at a ninety degree angle to the crystal edge.

Start by using a small amount of pressure and check the results. You can trim faster by using more pressure, but remember that you cannot add plastic back once it has been removed so be careful in your work.



Step 3

Frequently check the crystal against the watch case to make sure you do not over trim the crystal. Turn the crystal in your hand to trim the other sides if necessary.

If your crystal is curved, be sure to slowly turn the crystal while you file to evenly trim the curve.



filing_plastic_crystal_2Step 4

When you have reached the ideal size for you watch case, use light pressure to smooth any rough trimmed edges on the crystal.





Now you can place the crystal in your watch case. To learn other quick and easy ways to fix your watch, check out our Learning Center today.