Step 1

After removing old hands (see hand removal) find the hole size of the hands needed.


Step 2

Find the hole size by using gauge or by using a digital gauge measure the hour wheel and cannon pinion diameter.


Step 3

Find the length of the hands needed by measuring the length of the hands from the middle of the hole to the end of the hand.


Step 4

Find the style and color of the hands needed.



Use a Hand ToolStep 5

Put the hour hand on the post first lining it up at the 12:00 position.








using_handtool_step6Step 6

Using hand tool press down on the hour hand with even pressure.








using_handtool_step7Step 7

Follow step 5 and 6 for the minute hand.








using_handtool_step8Step 8

Using the opposite end of tool place the sweep second hand on and apply pressure.




Step 9

Reassemble the watch and set the time.