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Before you begin:

The new movement must be set BEFORE installing
Set the volume for the chime speaker to maximum by turning the volume knob clockwise (shown here)

Move the night silencer switch to left most position to 24 hour chime

Install a fresh “C” cell battery (alkaline preferred) in the direction pictured in the battery well noting positive and negative connections

Volume Control Knob

Night Silencer Switch

Battery Installed with Positive in the Upright Position

Step 1

Place the Minute Hand (longer of the two) on the square shaft, tighten the small nut to hold the Minute Hand in place. This will help determine the location of the chime point on the movement.

Step 2

Hand setting knob

Using the rear-mounted Hand Set Knob, move the Minute Hand in a Clockwise direction slowly until you hear a click (Stop turning as soon as the click starts). This should happen within moving the hand only one rotation.

This will trigger the chime sequence and it will begin playing the progressive melody followed by the hour indication tone.
Count the number of chimes struck after the melody plays (this is where the hour hand will be pointing when you mount it)

If the Minute Hand is pointed toward 6 o’clock when the click is heard, when placing it back on, reposition the Minute Hand pointing to the 12 o’clock.

Step 3

Remove the Minute Hand and mount the movement into the clock case (as pictured) using the hex nut

Step 4

Mount the Hour Hand to point according to the number of hours/chimes struck that you counted and then the Minute Hand at 12’Oclock and the Second Hand (optional). For example: If the Clock struck 3 times – the movement is set to 3 o’clock. Mount the Hour and Minute Hands to read at the 3 o’clock position.

Step 5

Now you can set the current time by moving in a Clockwise direction using the rear-mounted Hand Set Knob to move the hands until the present time is reached.

Hand setting knob

Step 6

TIP: If you wish the chime to sound 24 hours a day, leave the Night Chime Selector Switch in the left most position. If you wish the chime to be silent from 11:01 P.M. until 6:59 A.M., move the Night Chime Selector Switch to the A.M. or P.M. position, depending on the present time.

Be sure to stop at each click/hour to let the chime and hour count play completely before going on. Failure to stop at each hour may cause the chime to be out of sequence.

Please allow the clock movement to operate for a few hours, to chime correctly this is necessary for the mechanism to be fully operative.