Sometimes your sentimental jewelry is no longer in a condition where it can be repaired or it’s rare stones and counterparts are irreplaceable. Keepsake pendants can hold small mementos like birthstones, jewelry and watch parts, photos, and other small treasures, allowing you to keep a memory alive and close to heart. Say you have your Grandmothers pearl necklace that is aged and beyond restringing or repair, putting the clasp and some of the pearls into a keepsake pendant allows you to continue on the tradition and honor of wearing the inherited jewelry. Keeping precious mementos from vacations or growing children are another way to fill these pendants, use small shells, a swab of clothing, or any other small treasures.


Tools Needed:


Step 1makingpendant_step1

Make sure the items you have picked out will fit between the two crystals. The small size kit fit’s items up to 21.0 mm in diameter and 4.50 mm thick. The large size kit fit’s items up to 34.0 mm in diameter and 6.00 mm thick. Using a digital gauge is the best way to obtain accurate measurements. If the two crystals will not lay flush with each other, the items enclosed are too large.


Step 2makingpendant_step2

Use the screwdriver to remove the screw from the top of the bezel. Keep the screw in a safe spot until ready to re close the pendant. The bezel can be slightly bent open to add or remove crystals, but be careful to not over bend and misshape the metal.


Step 3makingpendant_step3

Lay keepsake items inside of crystal. Jewelers glue is optional and can be used to permanently arrange items and prevent them from moving around while wearing the pendant. Place the remaining crystal over the top of the crystal containing your contents. Although not required jewelers glue can be used for sealing the edge of the two crystals by applying a small amount of glue around the crystal edges or inside of the channel of the bezel. Allow proper time for the glue to dry before closing the pendant. If you decide to use jewelers glue, we strongly recommend choosing glue that can be applied with accuracy and precision.


Step 4makingpendant_step4

Carefully hold both crystals together and place into the bezel. Make sure the crystal edges are flush with each other and sit evenly between the bezel channel. If your crystal edges do not lay flush with each other then the contents inside may to be too large for the pendant.


Step 5makingpendant_step5

Once the crystals are placed inside the channel of the bezel, carefully hold the bezel so it’s tight around the crystals. Place the screw back into the threading. Tighten screw. Make sure your crystals are in secure by applying a small amount of pressure. If they pop out, double check that you are keeping the lip of the crystals inside the channel when screwing the bezel shut.


Step 6makingpendant_step6

Take the pendant bail and snap it into place on the bezels attachment ring. A jump ring or split ring can be used if you are attaching the keepsake pendant to something besides a necklace, such as a keychain or bracelet. Once the pendant bail is on you can thread your necklace through the bail. Your keepsake pendant is now ready to wear. ┬áVisit’s Learning Center for more useful “how to” guides.






Additional Ways to Fill Your Keepsake Pendants:makingpendant_step7

  • Old Pocket Watch Parts
  • Gold Nuggets or Diamond Rough
  • Photos
  • Loose Gemstones
  • Charms & Trinkets
  • Wedding Band
  • Broken Jewelry
  • Lock of Hair
  • Written Words or Prayer
  • Ashes (Gluing Recommended)