Have you ever wanted to know what size your fingers really are? The best way to find the answer to that question is to get your fingers sized by a jeweler or to try this easy method.


Step 1

First, before you can begin to size your fingers, you must take into consideration several things: the temperature, the humidity, how dry your skin is, and the time of day and month. These factors must be carefully considered before sizing your fingers because they can cause a great deal of fluctuation in your finger size. The warmer and more humid it is, the larger your fingers will size because warmth causes your fingers to swell a little. The colder it is, the smaller your fingers will seems because the cold causes your fingers to contract a little. It is best to size your fingers when they are neither warm nor cold.


Step 2

Once, you have taken into account the environmental conditions around you, you are ready to size your fingers. For the most accurate measurements you should use a standard set of ring sizers. The most common set of ring sizers come with both whole and half sizes. Finding your ring size is a process of trial and error. Start with one size, a good place to start is with size 8 as it is the standard ring size.


Step 3

A proper fit is defined by jewelers as “the ring that slides over the knuckle with a little friction and sits comfortably on the finger.” The ring shouldn’t pinch your skin or make you feel like the circulation is being restricted to your fingers. It also shouldn’t be so loose on your finger that the ring can easily spin around. If the first ring size you try on is too big, try on the next size smaller. Keep trying on smaller sizes until you find the one that fits just right. The same thing is true if the first ring size you try on is too small, try on the next size larger. Continue this process until you find a size that is comfortable.



Never force the ring sizers over your knuckles. If it doesn’t slide over the knuckle with just a small amount of effort, don’t force it as it could become stuck on your finger.

It is important to know that your fingers are not necessarily going to be the same size. Even between both your pointer fingers, there can be a noticeable size difference. Be sure to size the finger you intend to wear your ring on before choosing the size you want the ring to be.  Visit Esslinger.com’s Learning Center for more useful guides.