Watch Battery Disposal

disposeofwatchbatteriesWatch batteries should be recycled if possible and there could be some cash benefits to saving your watch batteries for the precious metal silver contained in them.

We are fortunate that watch batteries today are made without need for hazardous disposal requirements. Today there actually can be monetary benefits to recycling some of your watch batteries. Consider recycling if you are replacing watch batteries regularly or find some old watch battery around (Watch batteries have a shelf life of around 7 years and should not be replaced in watches after the date because the battery may cause the watch to not function properly).




Are they worth any money?

Yes, there is some precious metals (silver) in SOME watch batteries (lithium watch batteries contain no silver) but you would need a large quantity of these batteries before you have enough to make it worth it because of recycling and refining charges (as a rule, over 1lb would be worth refining).


Where should I bring them?

If you are not going to save a significant amount of batteries, you can take them to a local jeweler or watchmaker – If you save up enough, you can take to a recycling center (see below)

Click for a list of watch battery recycling centers listed online

Esslinger and Company is a “Green” Business and Recycles 100% of our used watch batteries.