Just like any other watch band, you can replace the band when it starts to wear out, or just replace the band to change the style. The nylon and Velcro style watch bands are extra flexible because they can attach to any watch case that holds the band in place with spring bars. To change a nylon and Velcro band or add one to your watch, you can use this guide on how to remove and replace your rubber watch band.


Tools Needed:


Step 1velcronylon_step1

The first step is to remove the old band from your watch case. Take the watch in your hand and hold the case so that the back is facing you, balanced on its side. You should be able to see the top edge of one spring bar here – you may have to move the nylon back to reach the spring bar.



Step 2velcronylon_step2

Take your spring bar tool and insert the forked end into the space there so it sits above the donut ring holding it in place. With the point held against the donut ring on the spring bar, push down so the band collapses in on itself. Then push the spring bar out from under the lugs.



Step 3velcronylon_step3

Once the spring bar is free of the lug, it should fall free onto your work surface. Pick it up and put it in your parts tray to keep it from getting lost. The first side of the watch case will be free of the elastic strap on the band now.



Step 4velcronylon_step4

Turn the watch around so that you can access the other set of watch lugs from the back of the watch case. Again, pull back the nylon back strap to expose the spring bar if necessary.



Step 5velcronylon_step5

Take the forked end of your spring bar tool and insert it between the lugs so that it catches above the donut ring on the spring bar. Push down on the spring bar with your spring bar tool until it collapses and you can slide the end out from under the watch lugs.



Step 6velcronylon_step6

Hold onto the watch case as you pull the second spring bar out from between the lugs. Set the watch case down on your space and place the spring bar in your parts tray.



Step 7velcronylon_step7

When the band has been removed, you will want to measure the watch band to find the right size replacement band. Then, with the size of the band, you can check out our wide selection of watch bands to find the perfect replacement band.



Step 8velcronylon_step8

Once you have the replacement band in hand, you can attach the watch case to it. Lay out the new watch band and determine which way you want the band to clasp. Then, lay the watch case out on top of the band so it will sit the correct way on your wrist once you attach it to the watch band.



Step 9velcronylon_step9

After you have figured out all the positioning details, you will need one of your spring bars. Since these watch bands do not come with spring bars, if your original spring bars are in good condition, you can reuse them here. If not you will need to order new spring bars.



Step 10velcronylon_step10

Hold the watch band and take the watch case, lining it up so the lugs fall on either side of the elastic strap. Next, take your first spring bar and slide it between the nylon strap and elastic strap until you can position the end of the spring bar in the bottom lug of the watch case.



Step 11velcronylon_step11

Using the forked end of your spring bar tool push down on the spring bar so you can slide it under the upper lug. Move the spring bar around until it pops into place. Don’t worry if it takes you more than one try to get it into place.



Step 12velcronylon_step12

Turn the watch case so you have a good view of other set of lugs that need a spring bar. Position the lugs so that the elastic band sits between them. Take the second spring bar and insert it between the nylon and elastic straps. Position the bottom end in the notch in the bottom lug of the watch case.



Step 13velcronylon_step13

With the spring bar partially in position, take your spring bar tool and push the free end down with the forked end of the tool. Carefully slide the spring bar under the lugs and release the pressure on it. Move the spring bar around until it pops into place in the lug.




Once you are certain that both spring bars are securely positioned in the watch case under the elastic strap, you can put your watch on and continue to wear it again.

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