If you need to make your metal watch band a little longer, but you don’t have any links to add to it, you can always try adding a buckle extender. Use this guide to learn how to install a standard buckle extender to your tri-fold clasp. You should use a regular buckle extender like this one when you need to expand the closed length of the band for it to fit comfortably around your wrist.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

Be aware: you might accidentally fling the spring bar across the room here if you are not careful. Grab the loose spring bar and place it in your parts tray. Let the band a clasp fall apart.

Before you can add a buckle extender, you must first disconnect one side of the clasp from the watch band. The extender will attach to the side of the clasp opposite from where it latches closed. Turn the watch case on its side so that the crown is facing up and hold the band so you can reach the inside of the clasp with your spring bar tool. Take the pointed end of your spring bar tool and insert it into the hole in the top of the clasp where the end of the spring bar is held in place. Press down on the spring bar
with your tool until it is out of hole and then push it out from under the clasp.



Step 2

step2_measure_inside_diameter_with_digital_gaugeNow you need to make sure you order the correct size buckle extender to fit your watch band and clasp. Take your digital gauge and line the backward opening jaws up inside the clasp. Use that inside measurement you found to order a new buckle extender. Its outside diameter should be the same as the inside diameter of the existing clasp. Be sure to order an extender that matches your watch band and clasp.




Step 3

step3_use_spring_bar_tool_to_insert_springbarInsert the buckle extender into the free end of the watch band clasp. Line the holes of the extender up with a pair of holes in the clasp to set the length you need to add. Hold the clasp and extender steady.

Grab a spring bar from your parts tray and insert one end into the hole in the bottom of the extender. Use the forked end of your spring bar tool to press the spring bar down and into the extender and clasp. Wiggle the spring bar around until it clicks into place.



Step 4

step3_slide_spring_bar_into_the_claspOnce the extender is attached to the clasp, you can reattach the clasp to the band. Start by fitting your remaining spring bar through the hole in the loose end of the watch band. Holding the watch band on its side, fit the loose end of the watch band into the free end of the extender so that the bottom end of the spring bar fits into the hole in the extender.



Step 5

Keeping the two pieces held together, grab your spring bar tool and push the top end of the spring bar down with the forked end. Slide the end of the watch band and spring bar the rest of the way into the extender. Slowly remove the spring bar tool and wiggle the watch band around inside the extender until the spring bar clicks into place. It may take you more than one try to get it to pop into place.




finished_normal_extenderOnce the watch band is securely back together, you can continue wearing your watch again. To learn more about watch band repair, check out our Learning Center today.