When ordering a coin bezel it is important to have accurate measurements of the coins diameter and its thickness. By having the exact measurements you can rest assured that the coin bezel you are ordering will be the right fit for your size coin. A proof coin, uncirculated coin, collectors coin, commemorative coin, are a few examples of different types of coins that are out there. Assuming the coins name will be enough to judge the coins size is a common mistake made. Since some coins are not always government issued, or minted in different years or metal types, the sizes of the same named coins can often vary. When comparing appearances and denominations, coins can easily be mistaken for the wrong coin. Whether you are a coin collector or a coin investor you may benefit from having your coins secured and displayed by the use of a coin bezel. The best way to go about doing this is to start by having the coins measurements.



Step 1measure_for_coin_bezel_flat

Place your coin on flat surface in order to obtain the diameter size. Use a digital gauge to measure the diameter in millimeters across the coin. If the coin is visibly worn on the edge, take a few measurements of its diameter to come up with an average measurement.





Step 2measure_for_coin_bezel_side

Hold the coin between your fingers and take a measurements of its thickness by using the digital gauge. Make sure to measure the edge of the coin, which is the area that will fit into the channel of the coin bezel.




Step 3

Make sure to check the product information of the coin bezel or on our coin bezel sizes reference chart before ordering to ensure a good fit for your coin.