Threaded Earring Back

Double threaded earring post and ear nuts are the most secure way to keep earrings from falling out of the ear. Thread on to secure earring to the ear, and unthread to take off. In order to guarantee a secure fit it is important to match the gauge of the ear nut to the gauge of the ear post.


    1. Measure the widest part of the threaded portion on the earring post. Use a digital gauge / caliper in order to obtain accurate results.
    2. Compare your results to our chart listed below. Order a threaded earring back that matches the thread size of your post. If your measurements are far below or above our listed sizes then it is possible that our threaded earring back may not fit the type of post you have or the style of threading on your post.


Note: Gauge sizes can be a little confusing; Keep in mind that the higher the gauge number the thinner the post will be, and the lower the gauge number the thicker the post will be.


20 Ga .82 mm .032″
18 Ga 1.0 mm .040″