Measure_Rolex_screwSeveral watch bands other than Rolex watches are held together with the Rolex style screws. If you need to replace watch screws like this, but you don’t have the old screw to measure, you can learn how to find the right size replacement screw with this guide.





Tools Needed:



Measure_Rolex_hole-1Step 1

Set your watch band on its side so that you can see the hole where the screw should sit. Then take your digital gauge and insert the tips of the backward opening jaws into the hole.  Carefully open the jaws to find the inside diameter of the first hole. Take this measurement once more to ensure an accurate a result.




Measure_Rolex_hole-2Step 2

Next, turn the watch band over so you can measure the inside diameter of other end of the screw hole. The Rolex style screws are smaller on one side than the other so it’s important that you get both diameters. You can repeat Step 1 &  measure the inside diameter of this end using the backward opening jaws of your gauge again.




Step 3

Once you have the inside diameters you are almost ready to order your next screw. All you need is your length, take the whole end of watch band and use the regular jaws of your digital gauge to measure the width of the link. Open the jaws wider than link you want to measure and then close them until they fit snugly around the link. Measure the link twice to ensure an accurate measurement.




Then, with your measurements in hand, you can now order new Rolex style screws for your watch band. To learn how to put your back together, or how to do other simple watch repairs, check out the rest of our Learning Center.