How to Order Watch Batteries When you intend to replace watch batteries, whether or not you intend to only change your own watch batteries or make a business out of it, you need to make sure you have the right batteries on hand to replace the old batteries. Use this guide to learn how to order the batteries you need.


NOTE: Some batteries are marked with numbers other than the typical three digit style with combinations of letters and numbers, this is usually a result of differences between brands and manufacturers. Use our amazing Watch Battery Cross Reference Chart to translate battery numbers between manufacturers.





Step 1

The very first thing you need to do before ordering watch batteries is determine the type of batteries you need to order. If you are ordering for a business, it may be as simple as checking your stock and ordering the sizes that you are low on. If you are ordering for yourself or a specific watch, look for the battery number on the cell. Use the three digit number to identify it.



Step 2orderbatteries_photo1

When you know what size batteries you need to order, you need to decide the brand of battery that you would like to order. Be sure that the battery number you are using matches the manufacturer you wish to order from.

  • Energizer – Made in Japan
  • Renata – Swiss made
  • Maxell – Made in China


Step 3orderbatteries_photo2

Next you need to determine how many batteries you want to order. You can order batteries individually or in packages of five to best meet your needs.


Step 4

Now, once you have all the other information figured out, you can place your watch battery order.