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Posted by Esslinger Staff


Before changing a watch battery, you should always test the existing battery to make sure that it is actually the problem. You should also be sure to test the new battery just before you put it in the watch case to ensure that it is starting out in good working order. This guide will help you test watch cells that are out of the watch case.



Tools Needed:


Step 1

Whether you have just removed the battery from a watch movement or from a package, take the battery and determine if it is a silver oxide or a lithium battery and set the watch tester to the correct setting.



Step 2testout_photo2

Place the loose cell on the tester under the metal tab. Make sure that the positive side with the engraving is facing down and away from the tab. Press the tab down until it comes into contact with battery.



Step 3testout_photo3

Making sense of the reading on the tester screen:

  • If the display needle is in the green section, you can be sure that your battery is in good condition.
  • If the display needle is in the yellow section, the battery is starting to run low on power and you should consider changing it.
  • If the display needle is in the red section, the battery is dead and you must replace it before continuing.
Note: Lithium batteries in good condition should have a voltage of 3.
Silver Oxide batteries in good condition should have a voltage of 1.55






If you need to replace the watch battery, you can learn How to Replace a Watch Battery here.



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