The crystal on your favorite watch has become so scratched you can hardly read the time, what now? Don’t throw away your watch! You can easily learn how to remove your damaged bezel fit watch crystal using this guide. A bezel fit watch crystal can generally be recognized by the notch in the metal bezel of the watch case.




Tools Needed:





Step 1

First, you need to find where the notch is in the bezel of the watch case. Once you know where the notch is hold the watch case firmly in your non dominant hand so that the notch is facing outward toward your dominant hand.





Step 2

Bench_Knife-bezel-2Take your watchmaker’s bench knife and slip the edge of the blade into the space between the watch case and the bezel. Grasp the handle of the knife blade and twist carefully to leverage the bezel off of the case much like you would do to remove a snap off watch case back. Continue prying the bezel up with the leverage from your knife blade until the bezel pops free and you can lift it off of the watch case with your fingers.

Be very careful here to keep the blade from slipping and scratching the watch case or accidentally cutting yourself.



Step 3

If the bezel refuses to pop off easily and you are concerned about damaging the watch case, or if you cannot find the notch in the bezel, you can use this guide to learn how to remove a bezel fit crystal with a watch crystal press here.



Now that you’ve removed the watch crystal, you can learn How to Reinsert and Attach your Watch Crystal with this guide. To learn more about other quick and easy watch repair tips, check out our Learning Center.