The crystal on your favorite watch has become so scratched you can hardly read the time, what now? Don’t throw away your watch! You can easily learn how to remove your damaged bezel fit watch crystal using this guide.


A bezel fit watch crystal can generally be recognized by the notch in the metal bezel of the watch case. If you know that your watch crystal is bezel fit in place, but it does not have the typical notch in it, you will need to press the crystal out from the back of the watch using a watch crystal press.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

First, you need to open the watch case and remove all the important parts of the movement to avoid damaging them. For help doing this, check out this guide. Now that you have removed the inner workings of the watch, all that should be left is that watch case and the old crystal.


Step 2

You will need to choose the watch press dies that fit the watch case appropriately to remove the crystal. Use a straight walled die to fit over the front of the watch crystal. The lips of this die should sit on the metal of the watch case on the outside of the crystal itself. When you have the right size die, attach it to the bottom post of the watch crystal press.


Step 3

Next, turn your watch case over so you can access the back of the crystal and case. Fit the second die here by finding the flat die that is smaller than the back of the watch case, so that it fits inside, and is almost as big as the inside diameter of the watch crystal. Attach this die to the top and downward facing post of the watch case press.


Step 4

Lay your selvyt cloth across the bottom die in the watch press and place the watch case over the die so that the metal top metal edge of the case touches the edges of the bottom straight walled die.


NOTE: if you encounter unusual resistance and cannot remove the watch crystal, seek professional help to remove it.

Step 5

Grip the handle of the watch case press and apply pressure until the watch crystal pops out through the front of the watch case.



Now that you’ve removed the watch crystal, you can learn How to Reinsert and Attach your Watch Crystal with this guide. To learn more about other quick and easy watch repair tips, check out our Learning Center.