The watch crown gasket, sometimes referred to as an O ring, enables the crown to retain the watches water resistance. It also helps seal out dirt, dust, grease and other
In order to replace a watch crown gasket, you must first remove the stem and crown from the watch case. For help doing this, check out this video.
Once you have removed the stem and crown from the watch case, you can now replace the crown gasket.

To do this, you will need:



watch crown gasket repairStep 1

Determine which kind of crown and stem assembly you have in your watch; There are basically two kinds; hidden and exposed. We will be replacing exposed gaskets, like this one.






watch crown
If you have a hidden style gasket, like this that is damaged, it is best to replace the entire crown.

For a more complete look at watch crowns, check out this illustration from Esslinger’s Learning Center below.







Step 2remove watch crown gasket

Using a plastic pick or a toothpick to pry under the gasket and pop it out of the channel. Sometimes they come off as a whole and other times they are so old and brittle that they break into pieces.







measure watch crown gasket

Step 3

Make sure, using a digital micrometer to measure the diameter of the groove, where the gasket will sit on the stem. This diameter will give you the correct size replacement crown gasket. Click here  to order yours!






Step 4

lubricate watch crown gasket

Once you have the new gasket, lubricate it with a small amount of silicone grease, this will prolong its life. Then simply slide it over the bottom of the stem and roll it up towards the crown until it settles in the proper groove.







Check the fit in your watch case. Slide the stem into the pin tube, and check that the gasket creates a tight seal. There will be a slight resistance, so the crown will sit firmly in place. If it is loose, check to make sure the gasket is not too small, you may need to install the gasket with a larger outside diameter.


Once you are sure that everything fits together correctly, reinstall the movement and close the watch back.


You can wear your watch again with confidence, knowing that it is water resistant again.