Jewelers have known for years that coin bezels often need some adjustments and they have developed their own way of keeping the coin from moving, spinning, or making the clicking sound the comes when the coin is loose in the setting. Since all coins can vary in size, there is rarely a perfect fit when you set one in a coin bezels.


The following three articles will give you four simple methods to take a coin that is loose in the bezel and ensure it fits securely in the bezel. While some jewelers will use a torch and weld metal into the bezel to keep the coin secure, and others use different materials for a “shim” including; paper, plastic, metal sheet, and other everyday materials, these suggested methods do not involve any complicated tools or procedures.


Each of these methods that we suggest have their different advantages and strengths:


For more permanent solutions, you’ll want to try either Tightening your Loose Coin Bezel with Epoxy Spacers or Tightening your Loose Coin Bezel with Epoxy. The straight epoxy method of fitting a coin bezel works best when your coin is just the tiniest bit loose. If your coin is a little bit looser, you’ll want to use epoxy spacers to fit it because it’s more flexible to work with.


If you don’t plan on keeping your coin in a coin bezel forever, you’ll want to try either Tightening your Loose Coin Bezel with a Watch Gasket or Tightening your Loose Coin Bezel with Watch Gasket Spacers. The straight watch gasket method works best when your coin is on the looser end of fitting in the coin bezel since it adds a thin shim all the way around the coin in the bezel. The watch gasket spacers method is a helpful if you only have to tighten the coin a small amount, of it you are unsure how much it needs to be tightened because it is a very flexible system.

NOTE: These four methods are made to solve the problem of having a coin that is slightly smaller in diameter than the diameter of the coin bezel and will NOT solve problems of having a coin that is too big, too thick, or a coin that is very loose and flopping around in the bezel (even after tightening the screw).


But you might even find your own way that is better. Fitting coin bezels is not rocket science and almost anyone can make adjustments easily. You must keep in mind important factors like the value of the coin and if you might possibly want to have a professional jeweler make the adjustments for you. The more chances you have to work on coin bezels and the more you work with jewelers tools, you will get better and pick up your own style and creative ideas for making jewelry.