This tool was designed to remove Snap-on case backs with ease. It can also be used to remove some bezels and remove pins from bracelet links. It is made to allow precise snap-on adjusting and the holder is made of non-skid Delrin mounted on a spring for support that will not damage the watch case. It has a perfectly parallel carriage that is mounted on the two guides that allow you to open the case back. Available in two different maximum opening sizes: 45 and 60mm.

Step 1

Start by placing your watch face down on the spring load white nylon support and line the case back height with the opening blades. Once you have the height lined up, lock it into place by tightening the knob on the back of the unit.

Step 2

Rotate the large black knob to bring the opening blades closer to the watch and position them so they are between the watch case and the case back.

Step 3

Gradually turn the black knob until the opening blades are inserted underneath the watch back and it lifts off and opens.

You can also use the included straight metal pin to twist one of the opening blades to pry off the case back.


The back is now opened. You can release the blades by turning to knob counter clockwise and lift the watch off of the support block.

To Use as a Watch Band Pin Remover

Along with opening watch case back and removing bezels, you can use this tool to remove watch band pressure pins.

Insert the correct pin pusher needed to punch the pin out, into to the pin holder. Place the pusher pin and pin holder together into one side of the frame. The white nylon case holder is inserted on the other side of the frame to help hold the watch band in place.

Place the watch band on the spring loaded support, lock the support in place.

Line up the pin pusher with the pin on the watch band, paying attention the direction of the arrows, and drive it out by gradually turning the black knob on the side of the unit.