Are you spending more time at the bench then you’d like? Take a look at our Top 10 recommendations for making your work space more efficient.




Repair TraysMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

Stackable compartment trays with see through lids allow you to easily see parts and keep them from getting mixed up with other jobs. We recommend using removable labels on the lids to reference your job numbers.








Bench “Apron” Tool HolderMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

A space-saving apron will keep your tools within arms reach and off your bench top. Share a bench with anyone? Take the extra step and label the pockets so your tools are returned to the same spot every time.







#3 & 4

Rotating Screwdriver Bases & Color Coded ScrewdriversMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

If your spending time searching out the correct blade size, you may need to re think the way you are storing your screwdrivers. Rotating bases keep your screwdrivers nicely organized and accessible. By using color coded heads, it allows you to quickly choose the correct size blade for your work.








Clamp On Adjustable Bench LampMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

Versatility is key when choosing a good bench lamp. A clamp on model not only saves space on your bench, it also keeps your hands free and can be maneuvered with ease. This pictured model features a “floating arm” design that with the slightest touch you can raise, tilt, and direct the light source onto your work.








Storage CabinetsMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

When picking out a storage cabinet to organize your parts, it’s best to find one that is not too deep so it won’t take up precious real-estate on your bench. These particular cabinets are only 6 3/8″ deep. Their see through drawers have a no spill tab to prevent catastrophes from happening at your bench.








Multi Purpose ToolsMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

Multi purpose tools like this “4 in 1” pliers are a great way to not only save on cost, but they also allow you to save on space by not having your bench cluttered with a multitude of tools. Make sure to choose one with a nice ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use and prevents hand fatigue.








Bench MatsMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

A good bench mat should provide you with a non-slip work surface that will prevent your tools and parts from rolling off your bench and getting lost. Choose a mat that also offers a grip or adhesive backing to ensure the mat stays in place while in use.








Zipper Pouch Tool KitsMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

Specialty tool kits are a great way to keep tools that are used for specific repairs organized. The zipper pouch allows you to store the tools off your bench, and also makes them conveniently portable for on the go repairs.








Upgrade Your BenchMake Your Work Bench More Efficient

Maybe you have the most organized bench around, but your work load has increased and you’ve maxed out your bench’s capabilities. Consider moving up to a bigger bench that provides a larger work space and more drawers for storage.