Grabbing and twisting the smallest of watch crowns can be difficult when your watch is in need of winding. Bergeon’s line of watch crown winders makes it easier than ever to manually wind your watch.

These crown winding tools come in four different sizes to cover crown sizes from 2.00mm to 7.00mm. With a push of the plunger a strong spring inside the tool opens the jaws to fit around your crown and grab it firmly, giving you a large handle to use to wind the watch.

Screwing and unscrewing the plunger opens and closes the jaws, so if it seems like the tool doesn’t fit, try to unscrew the plunger to open the jaws wider.

Crown winder is not opened enough to fit over the crown

Unscrew the winder and it will open enough to fit over the crown

Crown winder is screwed too small, unscrew to make larger

Crown winder is unscrewed and made larger