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Bergeon’s popular line of Presto tools designed for removing watch hands and other watch movement components are easy to use and prevent damage to the watch parts. These tools are a great, reliable option known for the high quality of the Swiss and make a excellent addition to any watch repair shop or bench.

How to remove watch hands

30636-1 Hand Remover

Designed to be used on most wristwatches, it is compatible with any regular, non-complex watch movement. Holds the watch hands firmly and allows you to remove them easily without damaging the movement or dial. A plunger comes down when the tool is squeezed to help hold the hands securely while removing them from the movement.

30637-2 Cannon Pinion and Watch Hand Remover

Ideal for removing the cannon pinion from the watch movement or removing watch hands safely. Designed to be used on stop watches, wrist watches and pocket watches, as well as other specialty and complex watches. This tool is a little stronger than the 30636-1 for removing the hands from larger watches.

30638-3 Sweep Wheel Remover

Designed to allow you to remove wheels on third wheel arbors and chronograph driving wheels with the three pronged jaws that fit sweep wheels with an uneven number of spokes. This tool was made to remove sweep wheels with 5 spokes, though it will work with any sweep wheel with an uneven number of spokes.

4079-3A Chronograph Wheel Remover

Use to remove chronograph driving wheels and sweep wheels with 6 spokes. Will work on a variety of sizes of wheels, small to large. The two pronged jaws fit wheels with an even number of spokes.

30671-7 Watch Hand Remover

Designed to be used to remove watch hands without touching the dial; can be used on curved dial and many specialty and complex watches. Features a turret style gripper with four plungers that uses the center post as support to remove watch hands without touching the dial and holds the hands firmly.

4344-9 Crown Remover

Made to remover crown from one-piece watch cases with a split-stem. Will also remove hand and setting knobs on travel alarm-clocks. Similar to the 30637-2, but this presto tool has a larger notch cutout for gripping larger hands and crowns.