When it comes time to replace your watch crystal, you can attach the new crystal in a couple different ways with adhesives. Use this guide to learn how to use ultraviolet glue to bond the new crystal to your watch case.


Tools Needed:


Step 1

When attaching a crystal with UV glue, you will want to start by removing both the entire watch movement and the old or damaged crystal from the watch case. As this repair requires you to expose your watch to an ultraviolet light for several minutes and the heat can damage your watch movement, it is better to remove the movement and be safe than risk damaging your watch.

Once you have removed the old crystal, clean the watch bezel where the crystal usually sits by removing any remaining adhesive or dirt. You may need to use a flat head screwdriver to scrape excess junk from the watch case.

Watch Crystal with Ultraviolet Glue_step1



Watch Crystal with Ultraviolet Glue_step2Step 2

After you have cleaned the watch case and your new watch crystal is on hand, you need to test your UV glue applicator to understand how quickly the glue dispenses. Squeeze the applicator over your notepad to test the rate at which the glue flows smoothly.





Watch Crystal with Ultraviolet Glue_step3Step 3

When you are comfortable with the way the glue comes out of the applicator tip, move the tip to the ledge of the watch bezel where the crystal sits. Carefully apply a small and even amount of ultraviolet glue to the entire bezel ledge.





Watch Crystal with Ultraviolet Glue_step4Step 4

Take your watch crystal and carefully place it into the bezel over the ledge so that all the edges of the crystal are sitting in the glue on the watch case. Press down softly on the watch crystal once you have positioned it in place to allow the glue to begin to set.

Immediately take your Selvyt cloth and wipe away any excess glue from the watch crystal and bezel. Be sure that you don’t press too hard and wipe the glue out of the ledge around the crystal or push the crystal out of position.



Step 5

Next, place the watch bezel under your UV light for three minutes to allow the glue to set up and hold the crystal in place.

Watch Crystal with Ultraviolet Glue_step5


When the crystal is held securely in the watch bezel, you can put the watch back together and continue wearing your watch. To learn more about watch repair, or for more methods on attaching a watch crystal, check out our Learning Center.