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Tri-Fold-buttonsSometimes your watch band clasp will wear out before your watch band does. If you don’t want to replace your whole watch band you can always just replace the clasp itself. Use this guide to learn how to change tri-fold style watch band clasps with a security catch and push buttons.





How do you know if your watch clasp is a tri-fold clasp? When the clasp is open there will be three metal plates and two joints. When it is closed the two lower plates will fold under the clasp that matches the watch band style.

The security latch will have a metal tongue that locks over the top of the clasp when it is closed and there will be a button on both sides of the clasp that also lock the clasp closed.




Tri-Fold-buttons-TTools Needed:






Tri-Fold-buttons-2Step 1

The first thing to do will be to remove the old clasp.

Take your spring bar tool, using the pointed end, push down on the spring bar to compress it. The tip of the spring bar will be visible where the clasp connects to the band. Then angle your spring bar tool to slide the watch band and compressed spring bar out of the clasp. Set it in your parts tray.

Do these same steps to the other side of the clasp to remove it completely from the watchband.









Step 2

Tri-Fold-buttons-4Next, use the old clasp to measure the dimensions needed for the new one.  With your digital gauge, measure the outside width of the clasp at the end by the security latch, like this.





Tri-Fold-buttons-3Then, measure the inside of the clasp that fits over the watch band. Use the inside opening jaws of the gauge to find this measurement. It should be about one millimeter smaller than your first measurement.



Once you have these numbers in hand, order the corresponding size and color replacement watch band clasp from Esslinger.com.


Tri-Fold-buttons-5Step 3

When you have the new clasp in hand, you will want to start by attaching the cover end of the clasp to the watch band first. Take your spring bar and insert it back into the end that you removed it from earlier.

Holding the watch band with the spring bar inserted, slip the band inside the clasp. Align one end of the spring bar with the corresponding hole in the bottom of the clasp. Take your spring bar tool and use the forked end to press the spring bar down into the watch band. Slide it completely into the watch clasp.

Wiggle the watch band around until the spring bar clicks into place. Repeat these steps on the other side of the clasp to attach it completely.






When both sides of the new clasp are attached to the watchband, you can wear your watch again with pride. To find watch repair products, or to learn more about watch repair, you can check out Esslinger-dot-com’s  Learning Center.